Skill History

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Skill History

Post by Eagle on Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:57 am

Skill was born in the year 2008. The team's main origin is from Chile. Some members who founded Skill were: Mayestrik, Edone, Slow, Ferrara, Fabian, McAdock, Drog.

By that time there were no forum tournaments, so Skill just played mini friendly tournaments with other teams. During the no forum minitournaments period, Skill didn't lost a match.

In 2009, Skill chilean members decided to open the doors to international players, Eagle leading the movement. The first international members were: Eagle (Ecuador), Snake (Panamá), Kike (Perú), Mark Selby (Bulgaria), Aaron(México).

With the internationalization Skill started to play forum tournaments, entering in gzworld and won the International world cup tournament of 2009 against KOG (Italian & Worlwide team), certifying being the best team of the moment. That tournament was just the beginning of what later on, would become the best team in Gamezer history.

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